Our Favorite Day For Love!

Photo by Drazen Neske on Unsplash

Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t forget to tell someone special, “I love you.” Valentines’ day is the one day we all dedicate to showing that special someone they are loved! As fun as February 14th is to celebrate, I am a big proponent that love should be shown throughout the year and not just on one day. That being said, be sure you don’t forget to make your reservations early, pick up some nice flowers and chocolates, and plan a special day for someone special.  Below are a few Valentine’s Day ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.  

1) Celebrate early! Some people like to celebrate the day before, or a few days early. That way, you don’t have to worry about jamming into a restaurant or other public settings with the rest of the world on the 14th. If you celebrate early, you get to enjoy a peaceful day (or night) out, without being rushed to give up your table or rubbing elbows with the couples on either side of you.  

2) Do something outside of the box! That doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving or rent a helicopter, but do something in addition to the flowers and chocolates. Rather than reservations, make it a special night-in! Cook a nice meal or order in from a nice restaurant. Break out the good plates and some champagne (with a strawberry on the rim). Set up the dining room, so that it feels special even though you’re not going anywhere. Afterward, have some candles lit and set up the living room for a nice movie night. Pull out some extra pillows, and end the night with some quality cuddles.  

3) Make it a gift to remember. Yes, everyone can appreciate a nice piece of jewelry or an expensive piece of clothing, but what about something they will remember? A meaningful gift will be much more appreciated and is usually more affordable. Think of some of your favorite memories you have with your significant other. Get something that will remind them of that special time you both enjoyed. Or, write a letter expressing just how special they are to you. Mention all of the little things that most people don’t know about them, but make them so special to you. The point is, giving a gift that is meaningful and touching is way more valuable than buying a bracelet or a watch.  

All of these Valentine’s Day tips are meant to help both of you enjoy a special day together. Make sure you are able to show them how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day in a genuine way. The extra effort will go over much better than a last-minute reservation and a flashy gift.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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