Confidence is the key to your accomplishments

The beginning of each year always brings an air of excitement along with it! Everyone is excited to start fresh and press the reset button. Every year we get hyped up, we make all of these resolutions and plans, but…we never make it to the finish line. Why is that? We are more than capable of accomplishing our goals, so what is missing? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with the letter ‘C.’ It is great to set goals for yourself, but half of what helps you actually achieve those goals is confidence! 

Make it a habit to not only believe in your goals but to have confidence in the fact that you will achieve your goals no matter what! Confidence doesn’t just appear overnight, so focus on mastering your mind and I promise you will be the most confident person in no time! Here are a few short tips that will help boost your confidence and help with your future accomplishments. 

One major key to establishing your confidence is focusing on what you bring to your table. Your table is NOT to be measured or compared to anyone else’s table. It can be as tall, short, wide or long as you want, but it is your table, so you should be proud of it! That being said, what are your strengths? What are the things you are good at? What do you do, that you feel proud of? It can be the way you dress, the way you help others, your creativity, your humor, your ability to listen; it can be anything. But, the things you excel at and are proud of, are what you bring to your table. Take PRIDE in what you bring to your table because NO ONE can take it away. That is what you have to remind yourself of. No matter what anyone’s opinion is, take pride in what you bring to your own table because no one except you can bring the same value.  

Another piece to the pie of confidence is intentionally focusing positive mental energy towards yourself! It can be so easy to harp on what we are not doing right, what didn’t go our way, how we could have done things differently, etc. This will only lead you down a rabbit-hole of negativity that ultimately helps no one and accomplishes nothing. So, instead, take time to focus on what you do right! It can be accidental wins. It can also be those hard-fought victories. It can be the wins we knew we had in the bag. The point is, a win is a win, no matter what. So, take time to acknowledge the things you have done right!  

Finally, remember that where the mind leads, the body will follow. How did we go from mind to body so quickly? Well, we all know our brain controls the body, therefore we need to make it a top priority. I remember a few times in my life where everything that could go wrong, did. And in those times, I didn’t want to hear about a glass half full. It didn’t matter how much someone told me about how great I was or how confident they were that I would “come out on top,” it didn’t help me. What did help me, however, was an altered version of “fake it ’til you make it.” Did I smile all the time? Of course not, but I had to think of what I brought to my table, and continue to believe that me and my table would get us through whatever the difficulty was sooner or later. What was the alternative? As a millennial, we are at the age where the only person who can get us out of a tough spot is ourselves. We can pout and cry all we want, but problems don’t disappear on their own. So, pull up your sleeves, and believe that you will find a way through. Do not allow yourself to get wrapped up in the uncertainty of everything. Ground yourself in what you know, and move from there. You know you have conquered many obstacles you didn’t plan on facing before, so, therefore, have confidence that you will find your way through anything that comes to you.  

Capability + confidence = conquering anything put in front of you. So, have confidence in your capabilities, focus on your wins, and remember what you bring to your table. If you consistently center your mind on remembering those three factors, I promise you will be one of the most confident people in a room, no matter what is going on in your life. Make sure not to confuse confidence with arrogance though. Confidence is a silent flex. Arrogance is a plea for attention. When you are confident, you don’t need to beg for the spotlight because it will effortlessly find you.  


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